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About The Carpe Diem Shoppe

The Carpe Diem Shoppe was formed on March 27, 2013 with a purpose to serve as a vessel to bring Love, Healing, Truth and Inspiration to the world.

We create self-care products for men, women, and children that each capture the nourishing and restorative essence of Nature. Our pledge to our customers is to always offer products created in a space filled with Love and genuine good intent for the buyer. 

The Carpe Diem Shoppe is dedicated to helping our customers return to a state of optimal health and balance not only in their physical bodies, but in their mental and spiritual bodies as well. It is our hope that when we help people heal and prosper within, this state of Being will be reflected throughout all areas of their life. For this reason, we offer coaching services and interactive workshops and webinars that expand on the awesome power of self love.

The goal of The Carpe Diem Shoppe is to empower people around the world to heal and evolve by truly loving themselves unconditionally. It is through unconditional love for Self that one can release past hurts and negative energy, build healthy relationships with others, and live their BEST life.